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Race With Time 11 | The Judge: Last Exit for Mankind | Apr-11-2014

The Judge: Last Exit for Mankind

While so many listen to the woo woo cooing of a large part of the alternative media, we have come to the brink. The madness that has allowed the progression of the Fukushima meltdowns has at least made newsworthy enough the reporting of nuclear waste leaks at Hanover, Carlsbad, NM, and elsewhere. Events that might not have made it to the news were it not for gathering public interest. But, just as at Fukushima, the official releases have been focused on purely handling public perception and not truth.

We will connect the recent wave of earthquakes and the magnitude threat posed by shifting conditions in Yellowstone to such irresponsible practices as these. Together with the extensive extraction of oil and now fracking, subsurface detonations in the past, the madness of employing HAARP, and the decline of an atmosphere that once shielded us from full spectrum light, this planet has been brought to the very crossroads where one more wrong turn can easily lead to our extinction.

Instead of the slow death by an already poisoned environment, you may have a fast one. You have little time left to turn it around. My colleagues and I feel we are simply trying to find new ways to say the same things. - JCH

The show has been plagued by several interruptions, at one time David had to reboot his whole system.

During the first interruption at minute 40 into the show, James was discussing the lawyer from Florida and how, when James answered his question about what happened in Sasebo Harbor, the lawyer decided to give up the trip. James take on it was that if that was too difficult to accept, he wouldn't have been ready for what was in the ridge valley.

In the second one where James audio breaks up at 2h24min, James explains how the powers-that-be are so entrenched in their madness that they had rather destroy everyone, including themselves, as long as they are still on top than survive with losing any of their hold on power.

Timed Out

Truth comes with crushing embrace
lies lingering so long
Since mocking birds all night
sing their song

Trailing mist visiting death
slowly settling to earth
Strontium, aluminum, flouride
reactors burning, distilling
Into life loss the once life giving

And food denied by one scheme
or another
The health of bounty traded
declined to shudder
By it's own epidemic in the face
of hunger

Until the mocking birds go

Copyright © April 2014 James C. Horak

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso: WolfspiritRadio

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Courtesy for audio editing: OmetaOne

Friday, 28 March 2014

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Upcoming Race With Time Show 11 on Wolf Spirit Radio

We would like to announce that for our show on Friday April the 11th on Wolf Spirit Radio, Dave Corso has kindly agreed to facilitate your calls, so we will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

In order to gain the maximum benefit from this opportunity,   please write your questions for James Horak and/or Crystal Clark in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW to be answered on the night. Or if you prefer just call in with your question.

 Live show call in is: 702 879 4770. Check website for time differences.

Be aware that writing your question below ensures it will be addressed should you for some reason not be able to phone in.  

Thank-you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

James Horak & Crystal Clark

Monday, 17 March 2014

Race with Time 10 | Lets stop repeating History - Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

Race with Time - Episode 10 with Crystal Clark, Mhairead McDonald and James Horak

Lets stop repeating History - Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

It has now become clear that we are plagued by justice being so poorly served by the whitewash the Warren Commission served up to the American people. As a turning point in the history of this nation no other sticks out so painfully. Can we finally get it right and restore the rule of law and order to a system so grossly in need of it? In doing so, hope that this communicates to an encroaching federal government that has abandoned our checks and balances system and obedience to oaths of office? We can no longer afford to put off finding out. I need to correct my mistakingly mentioning Norman Mailer as the ex-husband in question of Marilyn Monroe's. I should have said Arthur Miller instead. JCH

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso of Wolfspirit Radio

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Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Race with Time 9 with Karen Hudes | Is Gold an Answer to being independent from the NWO?

Race with Time 9, special Guest is Karen Hudes - with Crystal Clark, Mhairead McDonald & James Horak on WolfspiritRadio hosted by David Corso | Feb-28-2014

At this time in history we are at crossroads significant to our very survival. A wrong turn and our extinction is likely. Criminals, violating oaths of office, international law and all forms human decency can take are far too involved in setting policies by betraying nations for the sake of setting free corporate structures of the elite from restraints nations have set to protect their peoples from the blind greed invariably counterproductive to all but an abstracted “bottom line”. This has grown to become madness as attested by both what BP has done to the Gulf of Mexico and what the nuclear industry has allowed in Fukushima and in Carlsbad, New name but a few examples of what corporate blindness is capable.

Is it plausible that fastening on “wealth” as gold and returning it to those peoples from which it has been looted through one scheme or another, will or can change the landscape we are now facing? Or, is there far more to be done to engage the change we so badly need and that has been denied us, both in the pursuit of new forms of energy, in enforcing oaths of office and in abiding what international laws that respect both human rights and environments? JCH

  • Power Transition Model: Rule of law vs. corruption
  • Current state of global financial and corporate corruption
  • Debt slavery and bankers extracting wealth of peoples and nations
  • Complicity of main stream media in corruption
  • Network of Control: Secret conglomerate appointing the same board members to multiple corporations (including banking and media)
  • Faction 2: Multiple agendas within government & military; prevention of US nuclear false flag
  • US Military told to stand down on containing Fukushima meltdown
  • The consequences of not changing directions
  • Critical positions in the military now being filled by traitors
  • Axis of Evil and General Wesley Clark on attacking 7 countries in 5 years—all countries without central banks
  • Antal Fekete’s alert on a trend analysis indicating a major financial crash without change
  • Restoring the people’s wealth: A good time to hit the reset button and cancel all debt?
  • World Bank’s role in moving towards a cashless society
  • The Dinar: Just another scam?
  • The Ukraine flap and WW3 (MAD-Mutually Assured Destruction and Israel’s Sampson Option)
  • Recent Banker suicides
  • Iceland as a model
  • Article 5 & Constitutional Convention (2/3 requirement met in 1929)
  • The second (secret) Constitution: When Admiralty Law replaced Common Law and Vatican started getting out tax money
  • Putting the people back in charge and letting countries decide their own directions
  • Local currencies and bartering
  • True freedom requires the oppressors and corruption to get out of the way
  • The importance to building coalitions and networks
  • Humanity is at a major turning-point and fork-in-the-road
  • Why excuses, blame-shifting and “just following orders” won’t cut it anymore
  • The importance of self-responsibility and getting involved
IMPORTANT NOTICE OF CORRECTION: During the show I misspoke and stated Karen was part of the corruption, rather than stating Karen was part of *exposing* the corruption.  It was a very informative show and I’m personally grateful for Karen’s participation in bettering the human condition.  – Crystal Clark

Website of Karen Hudes

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso: Wolfspirit Radio

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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Our Earth is in peril if we do not remove the Psychopaths| Crystal Clark and James C. Horak 2014-02-22

RACE WITH TIME - with Dale Benadum on WolfspiritRadio

Now with enhanced audio and stereo removed

Crystal Clark and James C. Horak from the wolfspiritradio show RACE WITH TIME can be heard 2nd and 4th friday of every month 7-9 pm pacific. Both talk about the pending doom with Fukushima and how it is the major threat to this worlds total population. James also speaks from experience as to how it can be remedied but it will take humanity to step up to the plate in a very collective matter.

Thanks go to the host Dale Benadum of WolfspiritRadio for hosting the show and for publication permission. His website is:
The Spirit of Mount Shasta, on Youtube
,  Facebook, Wolfspiritradio

Crystal Clark's website: drowninginabsurdity

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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Exopolitics with Mark Snider, guests James Horak, Mhairead McDonald and Andrew Ebisu


James Horak, Mhairead McDonald and Andrew Ebisu discuss Fukushima and the coming police state in America.

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Monday, 17 February 2014

Race with Time 8 | Crystal Clark, Mhairead McDonald & James Horak on WSR | Feb-15-2014

The official narrative of egyptology is nonsense, the pyramids were built in a very different manner and scientific evidence exists that the Sphinx is much older. The Jewish exodus was led by Akhenaton, Carter found the scrolls that prove that and are now hidden in the Vatican and in Cambridge. Akhenaton also started monotheism. The Arc of the Covenant is in Ethiopia, the Etruscans spoke Latin. Kids in the UK get conscripted in the MI5/6 and for the CIA in the US.

Other topics discussed are the Antikythera mechanism, the Black Knight Satellite, Phobos - the ultimate Hall of Records. Aberrancy can not be tolerated when you have star-travel technology, we have to get civilised. The EMVs, Oppenheimer and Teller. There are no races on Earth. What do you stand for - the words on your tombstone.

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso: WolfspiritRadio

Courtesy for graphics: Information-Machine

Monday, 10 February 2014

Dale after Dark | Background on James Horak | WolfSpiritRadio | Feb-08-2014

Background on James Horak - Questions addressed James Horak by someone seeking answers to questions few ever ask

Thanks go to the host Dale Benadum of Wolfspiritradio for hosting the show and for publication permission.
His website: The Spirit of Mount Shasta, on Youtube, on Facebook
We are affiliated with Information-Machine

Dale Benadum, The Spirit of Mt Shasta,

At 15, I was floored (literally) by a voice that spoke to me internally, yes thats right, I said internally. As if every single atom vibrated and spoke as one. After that, events and effects started to happen in life and became more interesting as time progressed. Time displacements and slips, USO's, UFO's, physical Angelic contact. Its been a difficult, lonely and stressful life at times. However I'm a firm believer that GOD (The Divine Source/ The Force) and all that he/it has created is not in vain. We Earthlings/ Starseeds who think alike have been in waiting for what seems like an eternity for our "purpose" to unfold. I'm a firm believer that THIS TIME HAS ARRIVED.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The Fukushima Inevitability | Mark Snider with Crystal Clark & James Horak | Feb-01-2014

Mark Snider hosts Crystal Clark and James Horak who discuss the most impacting of events, Fukushima in detail with attention to concerns others have declined to address, like that of the China Syndrome. Signs of isotopic particle contamination have spread to even middle America while focus on leaking reactors elsewhere is coming more and more into fashion. The time has come to take a stand on important truths about nuclear safety, carefully weighing the industry's value versus its risks. These are the issues the show will examine. JCH

Crystal Clark's website: DrowningInAbsurdity

Courtesy to Mark Snider for publication permission

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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Race with Time 7 | Fukushima Round-Table on WSR | Jan-31-2014

The topic of discussion is the ongoing Fukushima nuclear meltdown with Crystal Clark & co-host Mhairead MacDonald and very special guests.

These individuals are, without question, some of the most important, educated, and leading voices on the past, present, and undoubtedly future horrors of the systemic corruption and renegade science of (and behind) the nuclear industry:

Kevin Blanch (artist, anti-nuclear activist and post-fukushima AML Leukemia survivor), Andrew Ebisu (anti-nuclear activist and filmmaker).

Their individual and tireless contributions to bettering the human condition can be found at the links above and easily followed via youtube and Facebook subscriptions for current updates.

Thanks to David Corso for publication permission: WolfSpiritRadio

Kevin Blanch:
WEBSITE: thepostignoranceproject
RADIO: Post Ignorance Radio (Tues. & Thurs. at 8am PST on UCY.TV)
FACEBOOK: Kevin Blanch
YOUTUBE: Kevin Blanch channel

Andrew Ebisu:
FACEBOOK: On Fukushima Beach
YOUTUBE: Andrew Ebisu

Crystal Clark:
WEBSITE: Drowninginabsurdity

We are affiliated with Information-Machine

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