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Mark Snider, James Horak & Crystal Clark - PARASITES - 29 Nov 2014


James Horak & Crystal Clark discuss the true nature of ebola as a parasitic worm, the elite’s deluded view of the lesser classes as parasitic humans, and dive deeper into the nefarious mechanisms, mind-viruses, disinformation, and knowledge-hoarding practices of globalist fanatics bent on denying mankind access to the beauty, wisdom and power of intelligent design---on both microcosmic and macrocosmic scales---even to the point of driving our civilization to full ruin in the process.

Crystal Clark’s website:

Courtesy for publication permission - Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Image related to comments section discussing image artifacts in NASA images

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

James Horak | Q & A with Kevin Smith and Guests | Flashback 2010

So many of our questions were already answered back then.

- James' mission
- The cause of the split mind

- The Moon and split consciousness
- Can pyramids heal the split consciousness?
- Galactic governance
- 10,000 aspiring civilizations
- Keepers of days - soul, mind & spirit
- Reincarnation, why do spirits come back? 
- Ascending societies
- Jesus and the human condition
- Edgar Cayce’s prophecy, EMVs
- Is there feedback from the EMVs?
- The white tube
- Heaven
- The Return Club
- A profound statement
- Past-life memory of world travelers
- Are aliens demons?
- Lucifer
- Apollo 20
- Time compression and portals
- Terrance McKenna - the developing universe
- The Serpent in the Sun, Quetzalcoatl
- Earth becoming a second Sun for Jupiter
- Earth is not stable
- Human adaptability
- The aquatic man
- Lakota heart and mind
- Earth expansion
- The end of the paradigm

Thank you Kevin Smith for this stunning interview. RIP

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Crystal Clark on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS Radio Show 10/27/2014

Methodology and ramifications of Reality Revisionism

It was a pleasure joining Shelly Johnson on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS via the AllTalkRadio network to discuss the methodology and ramifications of 'Reality Revisionism' and its purpose and ultimate cost to our future. - Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark's website: drowninginabsurdity has a variety of shows from variety talk, morning shows, politics, religion, adult talk and more. Check out their future shows every Monday evening from 6-7pm PST.

Karyn Redfern commented:

"I found psychological depth in that expose Crystal. Understanding how we are herded helps a lot in coming to terms with the fact that we have indeed been herded and now unfortunately corralled now too. The sheep are about to be tagged and dipped or slaughtered. Some who hold to the slavery/sheep metaphor don't think they will cull the herd drastically but they haven't factored in that we were needed to get to this technology level but will no longer be required in these numbers. Thanks so much for your work."

Link to the article by Rosalie Bertell referred to in the interview:
Background of the HAARP Project

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Use of Force | James Horak, Gabriel Sabatini and Bryan with Mark Snider | 21-Sep-2014

from Gabriel Sabatini on Vimeo.

Topics: Police brutality, the developing police state, false flag operations, gun control, Sandy Hook, Ferguson riots, Diebold & elections, social engineering, the banking system, transhumanism, cremation of care, chemtrails...

Ideology doesn’t make a Revolutionary, the Police make a Revolutionary - Pjotr Kropotkin

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dave McGowan with Mark Snider and Mhairead MacDonald | 13-Sep-2014

Interview with extraordinary researcher and writer Dave McGowan and his latest book ‘Weird Scenes inside the Canyon’ about the dark side of the Hippie dream and more.

I was delighted to be able to co-host this show with Mark Snider of blog talk Exopolitics Ohio. We interviewed Dave McGowan and this gives me an opportunity to introduce his work to you.

Dave McGowan is a first class and meticulous researcher, as well as a highly skilful writer delving into the labyrinthine world of lies and deception, false flags, and mind control that are infecting our reality at an ever increasing rate.

I strongly recommend after listening to this that you visit his web site to get a feel for how he writes and how deep his research goes, he has been working in this field for fifteen years. He is crisp and clear in his writing, with a great sense of humor which is appreciated, as some of this is not easy subject material.

I highly recommend (as does James Horak) to read 'Wagging the Moon Doggie'.

In the interview we talked about his book, 'Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon', (which I am currently reading) its sub title 'Laurel Canyon Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream', should give you a clue. I hope you find this useful and feel free to comment and question below.

Many thanks


Laurel Canyon Rhapsody

An acid sunrise over Santa Monica hills
Charlie Manson's killing thrills
Stolen dreams of something torn down
the end of Black Angel's haunting sound

Where nothing makes sense or rhyme
when death and murder seem all the time
Where nothing seemed what it was intended
undermining hopes for peace portended

Black lineage of the dreamy ones applied
taken with drugs, sex and suicide
A war no one knew was right from the start
hammered into brain and through the heart

Copyright © September 2014 James C. Horak

Additional Notes:

Discover more of James' poetry on The Poetry Link

Dave on Facebook
his website
where to buy his books

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: Selkiedreams

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

James Horak, Crystal Clark & Mhairead MacDonald on Hundredth Monkey Radio with Tom & Ramon | 06 Sep 2014

Join Tom and Ramon every Saturday @ 5pm EST

Some of the topics discussed:

Fukushima, China Syndrome, Yellowstone, Dying Pacific & West Coast, Amazon, Cities in the Sea, WW3, God Particle, Spirituality & Moral Outrage, Kennedy's Speeches, Free Choice, Hunger, Depopulation, Chemtrails, Suiciding, Vinnie Eastwood, Psychotronics, Wizard of Oz, Gradualism, Gaza, Hamas, ISIS, Tora & Talmud, Conversion to Judaism for Banking, USS Liberty, EMVs & ETs stabilising Operations, St. Monica UFO base, new Comet Pitbull, CME knock out of MILSATs, Hale Bopp, the Lucifer Telescope...

The Original show is hosted here

Courtesy for publication permission: Tom Kappenman - Hundredth Monkey Radio

Crystal Clark's website: Drowning in Absurdity

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: Selkiedreams

Audio editing & title-artwork: Shuny aka OmetaOne

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ken O'Keeth Dares To Say What Others Do Not

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

James Horak & Friends with Mark Snider on Ohio Exopolitics | 30-Aug-2014

Three conversations, all recorded on August 30. 2014, fused together in one show. The asynchronous audio of the first show has been corrected.

The Original recordings are hosted here.

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: Selkie Dreams

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Mark Snider with James Horak and Mhairead MacDonald | Ohio Exopolitics | 08-08-2014

This is a broadcast that was carried over from a private conversation to a radio show because Mark was so intrigued by the topics and information discussed that he wanted everyone to hear what Fukushima and the other aspects of this ongoing and upcoming world-wide crisis have in store for us and what their background is.

Mark also got answers to questions that no one on this planet is able to answer except for James and some to questions of a more private nature no one has asked James before. This is certainly the stuff that is blowing the lid off of someone like Clyde Lewis - so enjoy the show.

The Original show is hosted here.

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: selkiedreams

Courtesy for title-artwork: Information-Machine

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