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Mark Snider with James Horak and Mhairead MacDonald | Ohio Exopolitics | 08-08-2014

This is a broadcast that was carried over from a private conversation to a radio show because Mark was so intrigued by the topics and information discussed that he wanted everyone to hear what Fukushima and the other aspects of this ongoing and upcoming world-wide crisis have in store for us and what their background is.

Mark also got answers to questions that no one on this planet is able to answer except for James and some to questions of a more private nature no one has asked James before. This is certainly the stuff that is blowing the lid off of someone like Clyde Lewis - so enjoy the show.

The Original show is hosted here.

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: selkiedreams

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Friday, 1 August 2014

James Horak on GroundZero Radio with Clyde Lewis | July 29 2014

A new talk show host with a new audience always means that James has to cover some basics that he has talked about in previous shows. As a long time listeners therefore its often more interesting what angle a new talk show host may take and what he can add with interesting questions or from his own knowledge base. Clyde Lewis came up with good evidence from the past and when he did I anxiously champed at the bit if he would make certain leaps but obviously Clyde was overchallenged by James' revelations and called him nuts on his show the next night which he denied on James' Facebook wall but it is on record. Clyde shows his true colors when he is stabbing his guests in the back - so beware of Clyde Lewis. Listen here - Shuny / OmetaOne

The original show is provided on Soundcloud here,
'Doomsday Sunshine' w/ James Horak - July 29, 2014

Courtesy for publication permission, Clyde Lewis of groundzeromedia.org

'Doomsday Sunshine' Page with guest comments
Article 'DOOMSDAY SUNSHINE' by Clyde for this show

Here are the videos Clyde was talking about in the show with a sphere from July 21, 2014:
black sphere near sun 01

black sphere near sun 02

A video I made showing
Two EMVs absorbing Energy AIA 171 | Oct-30-2012

SOHO EIT 171 from July 21, 2014.

A video I made, showing how EMVs are protecting Mercury from solar activity, watch in HD on Youtube

EMVs protecting Venus, 2007 and 2011

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Update on the Global Takeover | Mark Snider with James Horak and Crystal Clark | Ohio Exopolitics | 12-Jul-2014

Update on the Global Takeover 

Mark Snider with Guests James Horak and Crystal Clark on Ohio Exopolitics

James Horak reveals some interesting details about the Universe and himself that we have not heard before from him. Beyond that, Mark, Crystal and James discuss the New World Order, their plans and the atrocities committed by the so called elite and their minions.

The Original is hosted here.

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Friday, 4 July 2014

James Horak - Soul-Life in the EMVs - The Full Circle

This interview with James was requested by a friend who very sadly and recently lost their 25 year old son who died in his sleep unexpectedly. All of us lose someone close to us throughout our lives, death being the only inevitability here. One of the most unanswered questions we all have is what happens after death. As such my friends requested that I asked James for an explanation. The following interview is a private conversation that I had with James where he kindly discussed how after passing on the mind and soul combine to become spirit. Energy is eternal, it cannot be destroyed. We who survive remember our loved ones with fondness, this interview is for my friends and for those who are ill and facing an uncertain time.

Later in the interview the conversation, as always with James, comes around to more pressing issues that need to be discussed. For if we do not fix what is wrong here, what is being done not only to the human race but also to the planet, then we will not have a home to live upon and non-of us will survive.

Torz Baron Copley

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Monday, 30 June 2014

James Horak's Attempt to Condense his Message

James Horak with Mark Snider & Solaris Blue Raven @ OhioExopolitcs 28-June-2014

An attempt to provide a whole context for threats to the earth and the madness that persists them.

Courtesy: Mark Snider - OhioExopolitics - FreedomSlips.com

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Mark Snider | OhioExopolitics | James Horak, Susanne Posel, Solaris BlueRaven on the New World Order

Popular Spirituality Internet Radio with Ohio Exopolitics on BlogTalkRadio

“Synchronicity, it's like a collaboration with fate. All of that becomes the norm when the ego is no longer the driving force in your life. You begin to recognize that there is a powerful organizing intelligence that is in all things and it's working with you and for you almost as if you are making it happen by just being connected to your source. It's almost as if this organizing intelligence, God, the Dao, is saying to you: you play the music that you came here to play and I am here to help you to overcome any struggle or obstacle that comes along. And it's not going to be a struggle because source is supporting you. When you trust in yourself, you are trusting in the very wisdom that created you. It's there to tell us who we are and what we are meant to be.
Mark Snider

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Susan Posel’s Websites
Occupy Corporatism
The US Independent

Solaris BlueRaven’s website:
NightShadow Anomaly Detectives

Monday, 9 June 2014

The Dao of the Revolutionary

Discussion of Wayne Dyer's Movie - Ambition to Meaning - The Shift: Finding Your Life's Purpose
Also on

By Shuny, June 8, 2014

Following is a transcript of parts of the movie that I would like to bring to your attention and to discuss.

"The  real purpose of life is just to be happy, to enjoy your life, to get to a place where you are not always trying to get someplace else. So many  people are striving to be somewhere where they are not, they never get to arrive. One of the ways to understand about how to find your purpose in your life is to return to nature, to find your own nature.

The future pull is pulling you in the direction of whatever it is you are supposed to be. If all you needed for the physical journey was already handled in the womb, then why not everything for the rest of the journey as well, all of your purpose, it's in there.

We are surrounded by people, our family, culture wherever we go and we are getting told that we can’t really trust in who we are, we have to trust in something outside of ourselves, so we are on a journey towards ambition. I am what I have, what I do and what my reputation is.

Ego has a strong belief that who I am is separate from everybody else and that I am separate from everything that is missing in my life, from all the things that I would like to have and that we are separate from God which is the source which is everywhere. Let yourself be lived by it, the Dao does nothing, it's leaving nothing undone. This is where we have to get to a place where we can surrender and have knowing that we are not alone and that we are going to be guided and that we have a nature and that we can trust in that nature. It's nothing we have to be always struggling with, something we have to be in charge of. Literally, let yourself be lived by it, rather than you taking over.

As we move into the meaning-phase of our life, we begin to think about fulfilling our Dharma, fulfilling our destiny, fulfilling something inside of us, a calling that only we can feel inside of us, no one else can tell you what that is for living your life on purpose.

This movement, this shift from ambition to meaning, from the morning to the afternoon of your life generally is preceded by a quantum moment, a peak experience and it's quality is that it's very vivid and a surprise and it's benevolent, it always feels good and it's enduring. When the moment is right, when you are in a different state, in a different place in your life, exactly what is supposed to happen will happen for you. Oftentimes the low points in your life, when you think nothing could go any worse is when we need to propel ourselves to a higher place. The Dao teaches us how to be soft, how to be flexible, how to not always be in control. If we surrender to it, that magic will always work in our best interest and everything that you need will be there for you.

Living in the field of Dao is the reconnection with the field of intention. When you have passion, when you have enthusiasm (in Greek: the God within) for something inside of you, that is really God speaking to you.

Synchronicity, it's like a collaboration with fate. All of that becomes the norm when the ego is no longer the driving force in your life. You begin to recognize that there is a powerful organizing intelligence that is in all things and it's working with you and for you almost as if you are making it happen by just being connected to your source. It's almost as if this organizing intelligence, God, the Dao, is saying to you: you play the music that you came here to play and I am here to help you to overcome any struggle or obstacle that comes along. And it's not going to be a struggle because source is supporting you. When you trust in yourself, you are trusting in the very wisdom that created you. It's there to tell us who we are and what we are meant to be.

Many people think, I just attract what I want into my life but you don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

Whatever you are looking for in your life is there for you. It will show up where and when it's needed, it's always in your mind. Whatever you need to complete this project, whatever you need to create, it's all there. You can prepare and then let go. It's an easy trusting that everything will happen perfectly.

We live in a world in which all things are possible, there are no accidents, there is a divine organising intelligence that supports all things. You have to get to a place where you are no longer focused just on yourself and the things you really want for yourself. You begin to say, “how can I want them more for someone else than I want them for me - and that’s God-realization.

Your ambition is transformed into purpose and you have to learn to become the observer and to step back. You begin to live in process, trusting where your source is taking you. You begin to detach from the outcome and that detachment allows you to no longer be fighting, it allows things to come to you and you no longer being the person making things happen. You are allowing things to show up, the fight is gone, your authentic self is way beyond the ego."

Let me explain why I consider the message of this movie so valuable for our time now and why it gives me hope. In my eyes the message of this movie is explaining beautifully the true nature of the human, it is not shallow or new-agey - it contains ancient wisdom and is proven by the masters of all ages. The movie demonstrates the true inner workings of the human and what it takes to transform from a carbon-copy to a human being.

I will illustrate with two contemporary examples what I mean.

Kevin Blanch is a nuclear activist from Ohio who suffered from and has been fighting the nuclear industry almost his entire life. Seven month after the Fukushima disaster he contracted leukaemia and has since been fighting hard for his life. The activist that he already was became so much more determined and purposeful to fight for his children, his country and the whole of humanity.

Kevin was at a very low point in his life and everyone can see how he came out propelled to a higher place which he allows himself to be lived by.

The other example for someone who reconnected with the field of intention, who found his passion, is Lars Maehrholz who started the 'Monday-Demonstrations' in Germany that are going viral and are held every Monday in more than seventy cities now and are growing in numbers weekly. Lars saw a video about the war in the Ukraine and he was moved so much by the suffering he became aware of that he cried. In this moment the idea was born in him and five days later he started the first Monday-Demonstration in Berlin. He received the support of the cosmos and everything fell into place effortlessly and created a wave.

These two people allowed themselves to be soft and heard a calling that they felt inside which instantly transformed their lives. The transformation was not accomplished through the intellect or reasoning but through emotional stress and involvement. This is a real awakening, called forth by an epiphany.

The pressure from the monsters in charge of this planet on societies and the individual will increase every day and awaken more who were brought to very low points in their lives. As cruel as that sounds and I am afraid to say this but that is obviously what it takes for the people on this planet to find their calling. We will see if enough individuals will hear it but I admit, the drama everyone is already witnessing should have produced more people that get involved. Of course, we know that every genuine human is in danger to be ridiculed, harassed or even be killed. Jesus was, Socrates and Osho were and so many more who tried to change things out of compassion.

The carbon-copy that most humans became, full of dysfunctional societal demands, and who are living the Not-Self, will be diverted from their true destiny.

To determine the purpose and direction for an individual, the ancient schools of wisdom developed astrology, so that when you make the calculations and draw the chart, there are two points that indicate the direction of someones life, a line drawn by the so called Lunar nodes. You came here with an individual design in your being, the you that you were meant to be. The limitations in your design are really an opportunity and are meant for you to spezialise and de-velop, take out of the envelope, what has been given to you. Everyone is different and has a little piece of the whole that is needed for the advance of the whole, only you need to differentiate yourself and not be a carbon-copy. If you are curious, the science of the differentiation of the individual is The Human Design System which is an advanced unification of ancient and modern sciences.

Also ancient concepts of the trinity in the human being are still valid. According to some of those concepts the human being is comprised of the vehicle, which is the body and the driver which is represented by the lunar nodes, or the Gravitation-Center in Human Design, and the passenger who is really only an observer or should be. The passenger is sitting in the backseat, enjoying the ride. The vehicle is doing what it has to do and the passenger can’t do much about it. But also the driver is going where he has go, no matter how much you try to interfere, he can’t hear you! At the end of the journey, if you trusted the vehicle and the driver, you arrive fulfilled by all that you could witness from your elated position on the backseat but if you were worried all the time and tried to interfere with useless commands for the driver for the direction you thought was best, you missed the vista and you will arrive disappointed - you were not appointed, in other words, you have not allowed yourself to be appointed.

This is why I consider meditation a valuable tool for the human. You may not call it meditation but many people pause every once in a while and look inwards. In that pausing or meditation you are softening yourself and allowing the pulling inside of you to the being and the direction of whatever it is you are supposed to be and by that often avoid the necessity to go to low points in your life. When such low points occur, it is the higher intelligence, trying to stop you from not paying attention to your journey and it’s direction.

Now, all of this doesn’t sound much like a recipe for rebels and revolutionaries nor is love the issue that so many people insist is the highest virtue. By that they mean affection, they even love their cars and other non-living items. The word love is laden with so many mis-conceptions that we fail to see love in action when someone like Jesus is single-handedly driving out the banksters from the temple or Kevin Blanch is cussing the phoney human debris that is destroying the lives of everyone on this planet.

Find Your Life's Purpose - Be The Shift


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Race With Time 11 | The Judge: Last Exit for Mankind | Apr-11-2014

The Judge: Last Exit for Mankind

While so many listen to the woo woo cooing of a large part of the alternative media, we have come to the brink. The madness that has allowed the progression of the Fukushima meltdowns has at least made newsworthy enough the reporting of nuclear waste leaks at Hanover, Carlsbad, NM, and elsewhere. Events that might not have made it to the news were it not for gathering public interest. But, just as at Fukushima, the official releases have been focused on purely handling public perception and not truth.

We will connect the recent wave of earthquakes and the magnitude threat posed by shifting conditions in Yellowstone to such irresponsible practices as these. Together with the extensive extraction of oil and now fracking, subsurface detonations in the past, the madness of employing HAARP, and the decline of an atmosphere that once shielded us from full spectrum light, this planet has been brought to the very crossroads where one more wrong turn can easily lead to our extinction.

Instead of the slow death by an already poisoned environment, you may have a fast one. You have little time left to turn it around. My colleagues and I feel we are simply trying to find new ways to say the same things. - JCH

The show has been plagued by several interruptions, at one time David had to reboot his whole system.

During the first interruption at minute 40 into the show, James was discussing the lawyer from Florida and how, when James answered his question about what happened in Sasebo Harbor, the lawyer decided to give up the trip. James take on it was that if that was too difficult to accept, he wouldn't have been ready for what was in the ridge valley.

In the second one where James audio breaks up at 2h24min, James explains how the powers-that-be are so entrenched in their madness that they had rather destroy everyone, including themselves, as long as they are still on top than survive with losing any of their hold on power.

Timed Out

Truth comes with crushing embrace
lies lingering so long
Since mocking birds all night
sing their song

Trailing mist visiting death
slowly settling to earth
Strontium, aluminum, flouride
reactors burning, distilling
Into life loss the once life giving

And food denied by one scheme
or another
The health of bounty traded
declined to shudder
By it's own epidemic in the face
of hunger

Until the mocking birds go

Copyright © April 2014 James C. Horak

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso: WolfspiritRadio

Courtesy for graphics and affiliated with: Information-Machine

Courtesy for audio editing: OmetaOne

Friday, 28 March 2014

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Upcoming Race With Time Show 11 on Wolf Spirit Radio

We would like to announce that for our show on Friday April the 11th on Wolf Spirit Radio, Dave Corso has kindly agreed to facilitate your calls, so we will be able to answer any questions you may have. 

In order to gain the maximum benefit from this opportunity,   please write your questions for James Horak and/or Crystal Clark in the COMMENTS SECTION BELOW to be answered on the night. Or if you prefer just call in with your question.

 Live show call in is: 702 879 4770. Check website for time differences.

Be aware that writing your question below ensures it will be addressed should you for some reason not be able to phone in.  

Thank-you in advance and we look forward to hearing from you.

James Horak & Crystal Clark

Monday, 17 March 2014

Race with Time 10 | Lets stop repeating History - Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

Race with Time - Episode 10 with Crystal Clark, Mhairead McDonald and James Horak

Lets stop repeating History - Coneheads Truth and JFK Assassination Truth revealed

It has now become clear that we are plagued by justice being so poorly served by the whitewash the Warren Commission served up to the American people. As a turning point in the history of this nation no other sticks out so painfully. Can we finally get it right and restore the rule of law and order to a system so grossly in need of it? In doing so, hope that this communicates to an encroaching federal government that has abandoned our checks and balances system and obedience to oaths of office? We can no longer afford to put off finding out. I need to correct my mistakingly mentioning Norman Mailer as the ex-husband in question of Marilyn Monroe's. I should have said Arthur Miller instead. JCH

Website of Crystal Clark: Drowning in Absurdity

Courtesy for publication permission David Corso of Wolfspirit Radio

We are affiliated with Information-Machine
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