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JADE HELM 15 BRIEFING | James Horak & Shuny | May 2015

Are large scale military exercises conducted inside the USA leading up to the final NWO take-over? House to house search and seizure was relentlessly trained by military and militarized police since hurricane Kathrina. It is no secret that the guns in the hands of the US-citizens are the main reason why the New World Order could not be implemented yet.

As always with James, many more topics are discussed with something new for everyone.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

China Syndrome - IAEA Expert: Pools of Corium beneath Reactors are up to 2 STORIES HIGH?!

(This is not an April foolsday's joke!)

RadChick Radiation Research & Mitigation

AP: ‘China Syndrome’ predicted by US gov’t analysis — IAEA Expert: Pools of corium beneath reactors are up to 2 STORIES HIGH?!

Note from Enenews admin: The Japan Times published the AP report above, however one sentence was altered. “Tepco has said it likely sank to the bottom of the plant. But the fuel could have dropped even beyond” vs. “But the fuel could possibly have escaped even beyond the containment facility to the outside environment.” Tsk tsk

"The corium will be in 3 parts, there is a solid crust formation in the bottom of the pool, then there’s a pool of oxidic materials… The metals and oxides are not soluble with each other and the metals will be separated… which is bad news in the sense that the heat transfer to the vessel is much higher, and it’s much more difficult to guarantee the integrity of the [containment] vessel in that case.”

“Molten corium on the containment floor, it’s eroding the concrete and going partially downward. Actually it will never go to China, because it also erodes sideways… The final size of the pooling maximum case is 10 to 15 meters in diameter, and 6-7 meters [20-23 ft or 2 stories] deep — or even deeper.”

“There are quite many challenges… There are different energetic phenomenon… which can lead to different combustions… accelerating flames, or even detonations — which can cause a very high pressure in the containment and even break the containment… Then there’s this China Syndrome — attack of containment liner by corium — which can also bypass containment.” (See US gov’t analysis: Fukushima containment breached due to “failure of the drywell liner by melt-attack“)

"If corium melts through the vessel, there are various energetic consequences caused by ejected high-temperature molten corium… Molten corium on the containment basemat initiates core-concrete interaction that releases aerosols and non-condensible gases to containment atmosphere and erodes the concrete ('China syndrome')"

From the Movie 'China Syndrome'

Comments from the respective Facebook post:

James Horak: The reason the monsters haven't brought up the China syndrome is it implies the travel through the earth of the "corium" (the core and its gathering mass) as not only limitless but extensive and with a presumed speed at the time undefined but presumably infinite enough to reach the other side of the earth. To the mantle is bad enough however, enough to cause massive disturbances throughout the world in the way of earthquakes and explosive volcanoes.

No, they don't want that brought up. Why even their underground hideaways are not now safe.

That's the kind of suicidal maniacs they are.

He may come upon the military in his sojourn. JCH

Crystal Clark: I have fought against similar thoughts James.

James Horak: I am indeed not pleased to be proven right. JCH

Mhairead MacDonald: In recent weeks I have been demented by how much has come out to prove us right and more so. I spoke with Shane Russell yesterday (good friends with Kevin and MsMIlky) for over three hours  he intercepted the FOIA documents within weeks of the quake and had some very interesting insights. I hope to do a recorded conversation with him soon.

James Horak: Yellowstone would have blown but for the EMVs. It's the first time in your lineage the signs were turned off. If I opine, they opine. And it is very dramatic when done with emotion. JCH

Crystal Clark: Delight at the entirely preventable "end of days" belongs to the deluded.

James Horak: The EMVs have come to feel the same way towards the people here as do I. They are the warmest home one can ever know. JCH

Monday, 16 March 2015

Five Years On | James Horak & Friends | March 2015

Five years ago James Horak was an invited guest on the Kevin Smith show for the first time. At that time there had been a flurry of images from the SOHO satellite of large objects in and around the sun and it was suggested that James would be able to inform people about them. James has said many times that the main reason he came forward was that he did not want the sightings to be used as part of the ongoing hostile alien thesis.

So  eventually he became not only a fairly regular guest on the show, but also formed a close friendship with Kevin Smith.

It is with that impetus that we wanted to look back at the effect that this information had on each of us, as well as look at the broader implications of events since then, environmentally, technically and globally.

Although this was an informal discussion with questions that we wanted to cover with James, it was also important for us to honor the memory of Kevin Smith and his body of work which Shuny has been meticulously archiving.

Please ask questions below for any follow up discussions as we are hoping to be able to do this again in the near future. Thank you for your continued support.

You can subscribe to the legacy of the Kevin Smith Show on 1200 shows from the inventor of paranormal talk radio can be accessed for $30 per six months.

This playlist is one of the first shows, the third with James on the Kevin Smith Show that can be found on Youtube. 
James Horak Object Behind the Sun - 26 March 2010 

We will provide a new page on the blog with Movies & Books recommended by James shortly.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

SevenGate | 12 Years Targeted Individual - Massive Stolen Intellectual Property Case | TFR 7/2/15

On Saturday 7th February, we had the return of the wonderfully talented Ms Charles Seven (on the 7th... maybe a message there?), as our Guest on Truth Frequency Radio and she was talking more about her Intellectual Property THEFT which has been perpetrated against her by the TV companies and High Profile Lawyers.

Blockbuster shows like 'Dancing With The Stars' in USA/Canada and 'Dancing On Ice' in UK have been proven in court to be the STOLEN creations of 'Seven', (affectionately named because she was the seventh child). Yet while the 'Stars' receive thousands per show, the corrupt, criminal lawyers and barristers working within the British legal system, have prevented Ms Seven from receiving a penny in 'royalties' lawfully due to her.

For almost 12 years now, this woman has refused to allow these thieving scumbags to destroy her and continues to fight against this evil, with the hope that people will support her and assist her in recovering at minimum, Billions of pounds that Seven wishes to use for Humanitarian purposes around the World.

Je suis Charles Seven ~ SevenGate ~

'Dancing with Stars' (USA), 'Strictly Come Dancing' (UK) are stolen creations of Charles Seven, a musician and media creative Producer.

Seven won her case before Lord Justice Chadwick and Sir Peter Gibson in UK Court of Appeal and before Justice Sir Nicholas Pumfrey in the Chancery Divison 2006.

Seven won one of the UK’s largest 'Intellectual Property Rights' cases, against media giants, including BBC, ITV, VIRGIN Media, Channel 4, SCOTTISH TV, plus other Major networks in 26 nations around the world, dating from 2003.

Seven explains, “After the defendant members of the syndicate were found guilty in court, they used criminal means by way of domestic terrorism, extreme violence, serious frauds, foul play and a murder campaign to escape going to prison.”

These Media Corporations are guilty of receiving stolen Intellectual Property, lawfully proven to belong to Ms Charles Seven, who is now owed Billions of Pounds!

How many 'Dancing With Stars' performers are happy to be paid £1,000's of pounds per show, while the IP creator is gang-stalked, threatened, traumatized and terrorised?

Thanks for publication permission go to Andy and Tom of

German website:


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Mark Snider, James Horak & Crystal Clark - PARASITES - 29 Nov 2014


James Horak & Crystal Clark discuss the true nature of ebola as a parasitic worm, the elite’s deluded view of the lesser classes as parasitic humans, and dive deeper into the nefarious mechanisms, mind-viruses, disinformation, and knowledge-hoarding practices of globalist fanatics bent on denying mankind access to the beauty, wisdom and power of intelligent design---on both microcosmic and macrocosmic scales---even to the point of driving our civilization to full ruin in the process.

Crystal Clark’s website:

Courtesy for publication permission - Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Image related to comments section discussing image artifacts in NASA images

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

James Horak | Q & A with Kevin Smith and Guests | Flashback 2010

So many of our questions were already answered back then.

- James' mission
- The cause of the split mind

- The Moon and split consciousness
- Can pyramids heal the split consciousness?
- Galactic governance
- 10,000 aspiring civilizations
- Keepers of days - soul, mind & spirit
- Reincarnation, why do spirits come back? 
- Ascending societies
- Jesus and the human condition
- Edgar Cayce’s prophecy, EMVs
- Is there feedback from the EMVs?
- The white tube
- Heaven
- The Return Club
- A profound statement
- Past-life memory of world travelers
- Are aliens demons?
- Lucifer
- Apollo 20
- Time compression and portals
- Terrance McKenna - the developing universe
- The Serpent in the Sun, Quetzalcoatl
- Earth becoming a second Sun for Jupiter
- Earth is not stable
- Human adaptability
- The aquatic man
- Lakota heart and mind
- Earth expansion
- The end of the paradigm

Thank you Kevin Smith for this stunning interview. RIP

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Crystal Clark on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS Radio Show 10/27/2014

Methodology and ramifications of Reality Revisionism

It was a pleasure joining Shelly Johnson on OUR NATURAL RIGHTS via the AllTalkRadio network to discuss the methodology and ramifications of 'Reality Revisionism' and its purpose and ultimate cost to our future. - Crystal Clark

Crystal Clark's website: drowninginabsurdity has a variety of shows from variety talk, morning shows, politics, religion, adult talk and more. Check out their future shows every Monday evening from 6-7pm PST.

Karyn Redfern commented:

"I found psychological depth in that expose Crystal. Understanding how we are herded helps a lot in coming to terms with the fact that we have indeed been herded and now unfortunately corralled now too. The sheep are about to be tagged and dipped or slaughtered. Some who hold to the slavery/sheep metaphor don't think they will cull the herd drastically but they haven't factored in that we were needed to get to this technology level but will no longer be required in these numbers. Thanks so much for your work."

Link to the article by Rosalie Bertell referred to in the interview:
Background of the HAARP Project

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Use of Force | James Horak, Gabriel Sabatini and Bryan with Mark Snider | 21-Sep-2014

from Gabriel Sabatini on Vimeo.

Topics: Police brutality, the developing police state, false flag operations, gun control, Sandy Hook, Ferguson riots, Diebold & elections, social engineering, the banking system, transhumanism, cremation of care, chemtrails...

Ideology doesn’t make a Revolutionary, the Police make a Revolutionary - Pjotr Kropotkin

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Dave McGowan with Mark Snider and Mhairead MacDonald | 13-Sep-2014

Interview with extraordinary researcher and writer Dave McGowan and his latest book ‘Weird Scenes inside the Canyon’ about the dark side of the Hippie dream and more.

I was delighted to be able to co-host this show with Mark Snider of blog talk Exopolitics Ohio. We interviewed Dave McGowan and this gives me an opportunity to introduce his work to you.

Dave McGowan is a first class and meticulous researcher, as well as a highly skilful writer delving into the labyrinthine world of lies and deception, false flags, and mind control that are infecting our reality at an ever increasing rate.

I strongly recommend after listening to this that you visit his web site to get a feel for how he writes and how deep his research goes, he has been working in this field for fifteen years. He is crisp and clear in his writing, with a great sense of humor which is appreciated, as some of this is not easy subject material.

I highly recommend (as does James Horak) to read 'Wagging the Moon Doggie'.

In the interview we talked about his book, 'Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon', (which I am currently reading) its sub title 'Laurel Canyon Covert Ops & the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream', should give you a clue. I hope you find this useful and feel free to comment and question below.

Many thanks


Laurel Canyon Rhapsody

An acid sunrise over Santa Monica hills
Charlie Manson's killing thrills
Stolen dreams of something torn down
the end of Black Angel's haunting sound

Where nothing makes sense or rhyme
when death and murder seem all the time
Where nothing seemed what it was intended
undermining hopes for peace portended

Black lineage of the dreamy ones applied
taken with drugs, sex and suicide
A war no one knew was right from the start
hammered into brain and through the heart

Copyright © September 2014 James C. Horak

Additional Notes:

Discover more of James' poetry on The Poetry Link

Dave on Facebook
his website
where to buy his books

Courtesy for publication permission: Mark Snider, Ohio Exopolitics

Mhairead MacDonald’s website: Selkiedreams
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